Canada has a very good health program recognized as that around the world. With that in mind, what controls our health system? How do they control our health system? And is it what we would like it to be? We have questions, and we have the opportunity to ask questions and get answers; that is what public is all about. It is about being able to ask questions about your health, personal health care and getting explanations that make sense to you so that you can make your decisions on your circumstances, your life, what is best for you.

We need to recognize that we don’t ask enough questions, we don’t do the research, we don’t have the basic knowledge that we require because we are not taught it to be able to make these decision on all aspects of our lives. So health is a very important one. Having health means that we are healthy. That our bodies, our minds and our spirits are strong and able to take on the tasks of living and living in a sustainable, happy, harmonious life as we go through this journey. Doing this requires information, education, values and morals. All of these things have to do with our health. If we don’t have a healthy mind we can’t have a healthy body. If we have a healthy body but we don’t have a health mind then we are out of balance. So how do we work and keep ourselves in balance? I would like to share that with you in other blogs as we go down the road.

Thank you.

I would like to talk to you about health again. Health is a broad subject. Health is important to all of us, and we need to recognize that health care is taught to us the same as everything else, and how do we decipher what is good or bad without necessarily being able to get or understand the information that we get. Health is vitally important and different parts of the world take care of their personal health much differently than we do here.

For instance, I believe that in Japan, doctors are given patients and they get paid by keeping their patients healthy rather than keeping them on medications so that they can function. In Japan, like I mentioned, they are paid based on them keeping their patients healthy so that they can have a high quality of life so that they can do the jobs that they are set out to do. I don’t know that either is 100% right or 100% wrong, but I believe that we should know how the other side does it, and then recognize how we do it, and then try to make the two come together, as one, to give us all a better way of life.

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