Oh, Canada?

Oh, Canada?

Let’s talk about Canada. There are two spellings: Uppercase CANADA, and titlecase Canada. Each spelling has a different meaning. The all capitals version means it is a corporation. The titlecase version means the water around the land mass, inland waterways, and the air above.

First of all, when Canada is spelled with all capitals, it is incorrect English. It would be better called ‘Dog Latin’ or ‘Babel’, but here is the definition of it, or the proof that you are a corporation, and that Canada is a corporation with the name CANADA (note uppercase):

Central Index Key #0000230098

Registered on the securities exchange commission and it is and it’s business address is: CANADA Embassy in Canada, and embassy 1746 Massachusetts Ave., New York Washington DC 002-0036.

It resides at the parliament buildings in Ontario, and many other buildings in Ottawa, among other cities throughout Canada.

What is the legal definition of the CANADA?

Because it has two meanings; why don’t we take the one meaning which is the spelling as a proper noun and I would like to ask you a question: do you live in the water? do you live in the air? or, do you live in the inland water ways? If the answer is no [rhetorical] then we have to recognize we live in the other spelling of Canada. Just something to think about.

Oh, Canada?
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